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In contrast to the vast majority of the fashion industry, who’s production methods are seen as having a negative impact on the environment, we instead focus on offering you pieces from carefully-selected brands who care about how they source materials, keep their production standards high, both in terms of quality and environmental awareness, and treat their employees well.

Our selection process starts from verifying a brand’s standards in terms of production, including their location, materials composition and origin of the materials, brand ethics, and their relationship with their employees. We check brands' sustainability practices in terms of materials used, stocks held, and packaging. We assess end products in terms of their quality, versatility, and durability over time. We verify consumer opinions on products, and buy and in many cases test them ourselves prior to offering them to our customers, to make sure we are bringing you only the best.

We are dedicated to minimising our own environmental impact too, by limiting our stock and optimising deliveries to help reduce our carbon footprint. Whenever possible, we try to avoid overproduction and overstocking by working on a made-to-order basis. In addition, our packaging is also environmentally friendly.

We also believe in the budget-conscious ‘capsule wardrobe’ concept, where all wardrobe pieces match each other to create a coherent whole, fitting your style, beauty colour type and lifestyle. That is why we bring you easy-to-combine pieces that are classic but interesting, versatile and timeless. In addition, we work with a network of professional stylists who can advise you on how to build your personal wardrobe.    


We believe every one of us should be able to dress in clothes that are comfortable to wear but are also friendly to our planet.
We follow the rule of 'Quality over quantity'.
We don't get distracted by short-term fashion trends.
We believe that high-quality, timeless, beautiful garments can serve us for many years, and bring us joy each and every time we wear them. 


Meet our carefully selected partners:


Bombshe is a small Polish women clothing brand established in 2016 with their headquarters and own sewing facility in Wrocław. The very creation of Bombshe is the fulfillment of childhood dreams and passion for fashion. The team is constantly growing, and the entire development is supervised by: Marcin and Kasia. Marcin - co-founder of Bombshe, who is one of the few men we know who knows about materials, cuts and sewing. In addition, he has knowledge about sewing machines and is a master of customer service, Kasia - Bombshe's founder, the originator and the good spirit of it all.
It was her childhood dreams that came true when the company was founded and they continue to come true by creating new collections and great projects. She has an amazing sense of style and a great knowledge of materials.


Bombshe is a praise of femininity on its own terms, comfort, respect for the environment, for people and customers who create it. You will not find here the pursuit of seasonal trends, but conscious fashion, comfort and excellent quality. They create their clothes from scratch in Wroclaw, Poland - construct them, design them, cut them out, sew and finish them. Bombshe is, above all, people. None of their projects would be the same without their seamstresses and wonderful employees. They work with local suppliers - they play to one goal. They most willingly buy materials and accessories from partners from the nearest regions. All threads, zippers and buttons come from Polish producers. They want to support smaller entrepreneurs and strengthen the local market. They act for your safety and the good of nature.

They care about the quality and safety of materials - select those that have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which means that they have been tested for the presence of substances harmful to health. They only use energy-saving machines. In addition, their sewing facilities are powered by electricity thanks to photovoltaic panels, which means that they contribute to reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. 




“We don't dress women, we bring out their beauty.”

They are a small company, created by two friends, out of the need to solve an age-old problem: I have nothing to wear! The secret of good style is that the appearance shows our unique personality. That is why their cuts are universal and can be styled in various ways and at the same time are more unique than an office dress. They create simple, comfortable and at the same time hellishly feminine dresses that you can wear from morning to evening. There is no place for synthetics in their collections, and the only trend they follow is slow fashion. They do not compromise. Only the best quality materials: supima cotton, tencel, wool, silk, cotton, modal… Made for modern and elegant women who appreciate both the quality and functionality of clothing. At Flamingos, they respect the planet and women’s body. Quality is important to them, which is why they make all production in Poland, in decent conditions and on fair terms. In their collections you will find feminine, comfortable and universal outfits that emphasize your strengths. 




This is the best proof that dreams can be turned into reality.  Holystic is a Polish brand created in 2016 by three sisters. Two of them live in Warsaw and the third in Milan - the European capital of fashion. They have always been interested in fashion and grew up in a family where conversations about the selection of materials, cuts and new trends were the everyday usual. Initially, designed coats for themselves, at home. Finally, decided to turn the passion into business.

The creation of Holystic coats is carried out from A to Z in a family sewing facility in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Poland. At the heart of each coat, there is the quality of sewing and careful selection of the smallest details. 

When creating the collection, they choose high-quality, natural fabrics, mainly from Italy.  They focus on, among others, noble lamb wool, alpaca or cashmere, garbardine cotton, which, with proper care, will stay with you for years. When planning production, they focus on small drops and made-to-order pieces. They try to limit overproduction and use the materials maximally efficiently.






The brand is created by Klara Kalicz - a known Hungarian costume designer, whose pieces took part in shootings of multiple great movies. It was Klara's dream to create an own accessory brand to be able to utilise her time and creativity while she stayed on maternity leave. The result brings us with a great selection of beautiful, botanically painted silk shawls, scrunchies, face masks, pillow cases and other small accessories. The amazing production process starts in Klara's own garden as well as local meadows and forests where all the necessary colouring ingredients can be found in the form of flowers or leaves. Then their colour is magically transferred to the finest silk pieces from which your accessories are sewn, giving you an opportunity to own truly unique pieces. 









Me Complete is a Polish brand that is a duo of sisters: creating, constructing and implementing projects in Poland, mainly from Polish materials. Their passion and goal is to create clothes that will give you the opportunity to express yourself as a complete whole - romantic, mysterious, subtle, sensual, charismatic, the way you want to be a complete you. The brand uses the best quality materials like cotton, wool, tencel, cupro, linen or viscose, and focuses on the masterwork of seamstresses. Their collections are created in limited numbers but always give you a wide range of styles where each of you can find something for herself.








A Hungarian fashion brand created by a former model - Rebeka. To pursue her dream of being a part of the fashion world, she studied fashion management in Budapest as well as graduated with a masters degree in luxury management at Barcelona. Her main goal was to establish something which is luxurious, conscious, effortless, and at the same time long-lasting. It was one of the biggest priorities to design pieces that will never be out of fashion and which will make you look glorious. Reya is dedicated to provide timeless designs, quality and beautiful long lasting products which will be part of your wardrobe forever. They believe in conscious fashion, where sustainability is one of the most important issues in parallel with consciously located production. Reya uses only the finest materials produced in Europe and produces in Budapest. They strive to minimise their footprint and support fair trade production. Reya is for those who admire, love and seek the feeling of luxury fabrics on your skin as well as how it makes you feel beautiful and stylish.






(more about our partners comes soon)