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Cigarette trousers black

26,900 Ft
Model: BS-CT-001-34L
Brand: Bombshe
Availability: Available to order
Expected delivery: September 29, 2023


Classic cigarette trousers are the perfect base for many outfits. You can style them however you like, whether sporty or more elegant, with a matching double-breasted blazer. Thanks to the elastan addition, it gives more comfort throughout the day and prevent knee bagging. It will surely be a purchase for years to come. Made in Poland.

Available in: black, navy blue
Fastened with a zipper and a hook, have pockets in the side seams.

Composition: 70% cotton, 25% nylon (for more durability), 5% elastan

Measurements (flat, +/- 1 cm):
34 - waist: 34 cm, hips: 44 cm, thigh: 23 c m, calf: 16.5 cm, total length: 92.5 cm, inner leg length: 68 cm, rise height: 25.2 cm
36 - waist: 36 cm, hips: 46 cm, thigh: 24 cm, calf: 17 cm, total length: 93 cm, inner leg length: 68 cm, rise height: 26 cm
38 - waist: 38 cm, hips: 48 cm, thigh: 25 cm, calf: 17.5 cm, total length: 93.5 cm, inner leg length: 68 cm, rise height 26.8 cm
40 - waist: 40 cm, hips: 50 cm, thigh: 26 cm, calf: 18 cm, total length: 94 cm, inner leg length: 68 cm, rise height: 27.6
42 - waist: 42 cm, hips: 52 cm, thigh: 27 cm, calf: 18.5 cm, total length: 94.5 cm, inner leg length: 68 cm, rise height: 28.4

Dimensions in the LONG version: total length +10 cm to the dimensions given above.

The model presenting the navy blue suit is 173 cm tall and wearing size 36 LONG.

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